Whirlpool WVA26582 No Frost Upright Freezer

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  • Model - WVA26582
  • A ++ 6 th SENSE
  • Shock Freeze & NoFrost
An energy-efficient freezers Whirlpool, A ++ 6 th SENSE, Shock Freeze & NoFrost. 6TH SENSE freezers know immediately if the temperature changed in the freezer compartment and automatically turns to freeze new frozen goods, such as when new items placed in the freezer. The technology restores the temperature up to 30% faster than in a standard freezer. Whirlpool's patented SHOCK FREEZE technology consists of a special space with two targeted freezer fan that maximizes the freezing capacity. Shock Freeze freezes the food 3 times faster than a freezer, but similar function and preserves the taste, appearance and nutrients better. The function is activated via the control panel display and automatically shuts off after two hours. No Frost system circulates cold air in the freezer to reduce the humidity in the cabinet and prevent frost and ice formation. Eliminating manual defrosting and food that freezes solid in each other. It also means that you can use the freezer storage capacity optimally and get a better view inside the freezer when no space is taken up by frost formation. Electronic with digital display & LED lights. The cabinet is left hanging and can not be hung on
  • Model: WVA26582
  • Manufacturer:Whirlpool