Dyson 91304901 V6 Handheld Tool Kit

    Model - 91304901
    Product Information

    Dyson s handheld toolkit contains a range of accessories for Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaners. The soft dusting brush gently remove dust and allergens from flat surfaces and furniture. The stubborn dirt brush has stiff bristles for removing mud and dried-in dirt. The wide nozzle tool helps removes dust and dirt from upholstery and the floor.. The extendable hose reaches up 1.2m and into confined spaces such as beneath car seats and behind cabinets. Compatible with the Dyson V6 cord-free vacuums.
    • 4 Dyson tools for cleaning your home and car
    • Soft dusting brush
    • Stubborn dirt brush
    • Wide nozzle tool
    • Extendable hose
    • For use with Dyson V6 cord-free vacuums
    • Model: 91304901
    • Manufacturer:Dyson