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Unifit UNI-63X Vacuum Cleaner Bags (UNI-63X)
Product Information:

Replacement bags for Panasonic and Samsung Vacuum Cleaners
Model - UNI-63X
Unifit UNI-102 Replacement Vacuum Bags (UNI-102)
Product Information:

Unifit UNI-102 Replacement Vacuum Bags
Model - UNI-102
Unifit UNI-117 Vacuum Cleaner Bags (UNI-117)
Product Information:

Unifit boxed pack of 4 vacuums cleaner bags. Suitable for the following models:

121 Series 101, 111,4121, 221, 223, 21 Series, 23 Series, V100 V1050, V1100, V1200, 2000 Series 2000 - 2100, 2300, 2500, 4000 Series Powa 4000 - 4100, Rapide 5000 Series 5000, 5100, 5110, 5120, Rapide Plus 5130, 5140, 5150, 6130, 6130S, 6130XS, 6130E, 6131, 6135 CarVax, 6140 PetVax, 6150SX, 6151SX, 6155
Model - UNI-117
Unifit UNI184 Vacuum Nilfisk Replacement Bags (UNI184)
Product Information:

Unifit UNI184 Vacuum Nilfisk Replacement Bags

Suitable for models: Power P10 P20 P40, Allergy, Eco, Special, Super
Model - UNI184
Electrolux E200S s-Bag Classic Vacuum Cleaner Bag (E200S)

Product Information:

The unique features of the s-bag® Classic include:

Good filtering: The s-bag® Classic is a high-quality paper vacuum bag that filters more than 95% dust and particles and is therefore more efficient than conventional paper vacuum bags.

Improved locking system - robust and hygienic: The locking system has been revised and made more robust by using stronger materials and a new sealing technology. This guarantees that the s-bag® closes every time and does not break or leak. This vacuum cleaner bag is easy to insert into the vacuum cleaner and is hygienic because it is automatically closed when it is removed. This prevents dirt from being released and ensures a quick and clean bag change.

s-bag® is also available in various materials, suitable for your personal needs and to achieve the optimal performance of your vacuum cleaner. Classic Long Performance, Anti-Odor, Anti-Allergy and Ultra Long Performance.

For optimal performance, you should change the bags regularly and replace the filters after every fifth vacuum bag change. All filters must be changed at least twice a year or if there is visible contamination. The use of generic vacuum cleaner bags instead of the s-bag® bags can have a negative impact on the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

This pack contains 5 s-bag® Classic paper vacuum cleaner bags.

The order number is E200S.

Model - E200S
Unifit UNI244X Vacuum Bags Pack of 5 (UNI244X)
Product Information:

  • Xtra filtration
  • Xtra capacity
  • Xtra hygiene
  • Xtra strength
  • 5 Bags

Suitable for:


  • Commercial Cannisters 1B/C 1C/H NV200 NV225 NV250 SE250 Henry HVR200 Hetty NVH200 James JVC200 JVC225 David JVR225 Basil NVB200 Nuvac(Turbo) NVN200 Rucksack RSV200
  • Bee T/7 T/9 T/10 Series
  • Commercial Models VCC-003 VCC-008
Model - UNI244X
Unifit UNI151X Vacuum Bags (UNI151X)
Product Information:

Unifit has an extensive product range that offers great quality at the lowest price.

Suitable for use with the Airflo, Daewoo, Goblin, Hoover, NEC, Nilfisk and Samsung models indicated.
Model - UNI151X
Uni 24 Unifit Dustbag (UNI24)
Model - Uni24
Unifit UNI-100 Vacuum Bags (UNI-100)
Product Information:

Unifit Boxed Pack of 5.
Electrolux 1800 Series Lite, Microlite, Bolero, Tango, Chic, Classic cylinder vacuum cleaner paper dust bags.
Model - UNI-100
Unifit UNI-155 Vacuum Bags (UNI-155)
Product Information:

Unifit UNI-155 Vacuum Replacement Bags for Nilfisk Vacuums
Model - UNI-155
Unifit UNI170 Vacuum Bags Pack Of 5 (UNI170)

Unifit UNI-170 Vacuum Bags - Pack of 5

  • Micro filtered clean air
  • Double wall
  • Rubber membrane
  • Double fold
  • 5 Bags
  • Unbleached filter paper
  • Environment friendlier

Suitable for:

Goblin -

  • SCOOT SERIES 70261 70262 70270 70271
Model - UNI170
Unifit Uni176 Vacuum Bag pack of 5 (Uni-176)
BOXED Pack of DeLonghi, Dirt Devil, Electrolux, Goblin , Goodmans, Hoover, JMB, Lervia, Melissa, Morphy Richards, Proaction, Squandra, Taurus, Vax vacuum cleaner paper dust bags

Pack of 5
Model - Uni176
Nilfisk 81943047 Buddy II Replacement Washable Filter Single (81943047)
Product Information:

The Nilfisk Alto single replacement washable filter For Buddy II.
Model - 81943047
Unifit UNI172X Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags (UNI172X)
Product Information:

Unifit UNI172X Replacement Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Product Specification:

  • Designed to fit
  • Bush: PISCES BCC1300 DD2690B DD2691B LEO DD2495 DD2497
  • Dirt Devil: DD2400 DD2407 DD2472 DD2496 DD2800
  • Efbe-Schott: ST67GR BSS2700 BS3000
  • Electrolux: BOSS B4105 B4106 B4110 B4111 B4115 B4205 ENDURO B4116 MONDO Z5105 Z5106 Z5115 Z5116 E66N U66
  • Goblin: ASPEN 400 SERIES
  • Philips: GENEVA HR6325 MOSQUITO HR6995
  • Sanyo: MITE HUNTER SC53 SC75 > 78 SC80 > 86 SC91 > 93
  • Vax: V0071/72 SORRENTO V009 MAXIM VS02 VS22 REMO VS077
Model - UNI172X
Unifit UNI-98X Philips Vacuum Bag Replacement (UNI-98X)
Product Information:

The Unifit UNI-98X Philips Vacuum Bag Replacement are an ideal replacement bag for your Philips, Dirt Devil or LG Vacuum Cleaner.
Model - UNI-98X
Unifit UNI905 Microfilter Vacuum Bags (UNI905)
Product Information:

Unifit xtra dustbags conform perfectly to the shape of your cleaner and have increased capacity and longer usage life
Unifit xtra dustbags are ultra sonically sealed and offer better resistance to bursting or tearing than regular bags
Unifit xtra dustbags absorb dust and filter the air from the vacuum cleaner more effectively than regular paper bags

Suitable for Electrolux Excellio(S Bag) Z5000-Z5295, Z5229-Z5695, Philips (S-Bag) FC9002-FC9114, Mobilo
Quantity per pack 4
Seal Type Ultasonically Ssealed
Model - UNI905
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Nilfisk 82222900 Dust Bags (82222900)
  • Genuine original replacement spare part
  • Made of high quality material
  • Fit for Nilfisk family and business series CDB3020, CDB3050, GD51010 and GD1010 vacuum cleaners
  • Robust and durable design
  • Easy to fit
Model - 82222900
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Nilfisk Fleece Vacuum Bags for Bravo and Action 30050002 (30050002)
Nilfisk Fleece Vacuum Bags for Bravo and Action 30050002

Fits: Bravo and Avtion models
Model - 30050002
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Henry 907075 Hepaflow Vacuum Filter Bags 10 Pack (907075)
Product Information:

Give your Numatic vacuum cleaner a performance boost with these genuine HEPA disposable dust bags. They’re up to 14 times more efficient than paper bags at retaining particles of dust and dirt.

Product Specification:
  • 3-layered technology
  • Pack of 10 high-efficiency HEPA bags
  • Maximised capacity and airflow for ideal results
  • Compatible with the Henry NVM-1CH vacuum cleaner
Model- 907075
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Miele 41996571D HyClean 3D Efficiency FJM Vacuum cleaner Bags (41996571D)
Product Information:

Miele HyClean FJM Bags for Miele vacuum cleaners

Product Specification:

  • 4 dust bag, 1 motor protection filter, 1 exhaust filter
  • Highest efficiency when vacuuming on low power level
  • Filters out more than 99.9% of fine dust particles
Model - 41996571D
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