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Ksix Connect and Play Audio Receiver Bluetooth For Car
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One For All SKY150 Sky tvLINK
Model: SKY150
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Labgear MRX600K Input/Output Port To RF Converter

Model: MRX600K
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MegaSat 0401074 HD-Profi Quad LNB
Model: 0401074
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Blazer HD20 Full HD PVR Satellite Receiver
Model: HS20
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AMIKO HD Combi Receiver 024522
Model: 024522
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Ksix Connect and Play Audio Receiver Bluetooth For Car
Ksix Connect and Play Audio Receiver Bluetooth For Car (BLUEARCAR)
Product Information:

The Ksix Connect & Play Car Audio Receiver is an audio receiver that allows you to play music from your mobile device in your car via Bluetooth. The device receives the music from your terminal and transmits it to your car via a 3.5 mm Jack audio connector. It also features the Hands-Free feature, so you can manage phone calls when you drive.

Product Specification:
  • Car audio receiver
  • Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR connectivity
  • Music player (Bluetooth A2DP)
  • Hands-free function
  • Operating range: 10 meters
  • Operation time: up to 8 hours
  • Bluetooth frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Frequency range: 10Hz-15Khz
  • Input parameters: 5V 500mA
  • Jack 3.5 mm Jack 3.5 mm male-male adapter included
  • Micro USB-USB cable included
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, music players, etc.
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Philex 27833R SLX Infrared Sky Eye Link System
Philex 27833R SLX Infrared Sky Eye Link System (27833R)
Product Information

27833R Infra-red eye allows you to watch and control a Sky Digibox from another room the indicator light shows remote control operation. Philex Accessory Remote Eye for Sky & Freeview Remotes SLx Sky

The SLX Link works by picking up the remote control signal from your Sky remote in your bedroom via the little eye, converting the infra red pulses to electronic pulses, sending the electronic pulses down the cable to the Sky receiver.

The receiver will accept the electronic pulses only at RF out 2 and they then pass through the same circuit as the remote receiver eye that is on the front of your digibox

SLXLINK system is the easy way to distribute high quality digital pictures plus normal off air channels, the tvLINK function built within the Sky digital receiver to control the digital receiver from a different room.


850mm lead between main unit and the ‘Magic Eye’

LED indicator

It operates between the RF2 output on a satellite receiver (from which it receives the 9Vdc it needs to power it) and an additional TV.

Model - 27833R
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One For All SKY150 Sky tvLINK
One For All SKY150 Sky tvLINK (SKY150)
Product Information

Watch and control your digital satellite from any television with this ingenious ONE FOR ALL Sky 150 tvLINK.  

The Sky 150 tvLINK sits on top of the television in your bedroom, office or other remote viewing point and sends remote control signals to the SKY digital receiver in the lounge through the same coaxial cable that delivers SKY pictures to your main TV.

Simple to install, all you need to do is to pick up your remote control and the ONE FOR ALL Sky 150 tvLINK gives you the freedom to channel surf from the convenience of any of your preferred TV watching location!


Number of devices
AA batteries  
Manufacturer’s guarantee
2 years  
Model - SKY150
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Nedis SLNB10SWT LNB Single Output Connection 1x F Connector
Nedis SLNB10SWT LNB Single Output Connection 1x F Connector (SLNB10SWT)
Product Information:

Mount this Nedis single LNB on installations that require superior signal strength and quality. It reduces the noise figure. The final noise figure ranges from 0.2 dB to 0.9 dB.

This single LNB is suitable for connecting 1 satellite receiver to your satellite dish.

Product Specification:
  • Image rejection (min.) 40 dB
  • Satellite accessory type LNB
  • Low band switching 0 kHz
  • Polarity switching voltage vertical DC 11,0 - 14,0 V
  • Polarity switching voltage horizontal DC 16,0 - 20,0 V
  • Input frequency range low band 10.7-11.7 GHz
  • Input frequency range high band 11.7-12.75 GHz
  • Operating temperature range -40-70 °C
  • High band switching 22 kHz
  • Current consumption 0.08 A
  • Cross polarization 18 dB
  • Local oscillator frequency phase noise -80 dB c/Hz @ 10 kHz (max.)
  • Conversion gain 53-65 dB
  • Output connection 1x F-Connector
  • LNB type Single
  • Noise figure range 0.90 dB
  • Output spurious -60 dB
  • Output frequency range high band 1.100-2.150 GHz
  • Gain flatness 26 MHz bandwidth ± 0,5 dB
Model - SLNB10SWT
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Labgear MRX600K Input/Output Port To RF Converter
Labgear MRX600K Input/Output Port To RF Converter (MRX600K)
Product Information

Allows you to connect a Sky HD box (that doesn't have a RF2 outpout) to a coaxial cable distribution set up. So you can send the output from your Sky box to other rooms in the home. You can also control the Sky box from those rooms using a magic eye, as the MRX600K will also power any eyes connected.
  • Converts the Sky I/O port to an RF output
  • Can be connected to a TV distribution system to allow viewing and IR remote control from multiple locations
  • Aerial loop through for Freeview signal distribution
  • Fully compatible with new and existing TV distribution systems
  • Allows the use of existing RF Link devices used to distribute Sky signals and control remotely Sky receivers.

  • RF modulator output channels 21CH - 69CH
  • RF forward frequency range 47-862MHz
  • Return path frequency range 5 to 12 MHz (RF OUT to I/O port)
  • RF IN connector x 1 IEC female
  • RF OUT connector x 2 IEC male
  • I/O connector 10 pin mini DIN plug on 250mm flylead
  • DC output (RF OUT) Regulated 9VDC 100mA (short circuit protected)
  • Power supply Input 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.35A
  • Power supply Output 12V1000mA max.
Model - MRX600K
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Blazer X4LNB Quad LNB 0.1dB HD 3D 4K Support
Blazer X4LNB Quad LNB 0.1dB HD 3D 4K Support (X4LNB)

Blazer Quad LNB 0.1dB, HD, 3D, 4K Support

Latest model Blazer Quad LNB for universal satellite dishes. Now supporting 4K and 3D.

  • Brand: Blazer
  • Model: X4
  • Colour: Black
  • Outputs: 4
  • Neck Diameter: 40mm
  • Noise Figure: 0.1dB



Input Frequency Range

Low Band:10.70~11.70GHz
High Band:11.70~12.75GHz

Output Frequency Range

Low Band:950~1950MHz
High Band:1100~2150MHz

Noise Figure


Conversion Gain


Gain Flatness


Cross POL. Isolation


L.O. Frequency

Low Band:9.75GHz
High Band:10.60GHz

L.O. Frequency Stability


Operating Temperature




L.O. Phase Noise


Image Rejection


Output VSWR


Output Power

0dBm (Min.)(at 1dB gain compression)

Connector Type

75Ω Female Connector

DC Current Consumption

160mA (Typ.)

Low/High Band Switching

Low Band: 0 Hz
High Band:22KHz±4KHz

POL. Switching Voltage

10.5~14.0 V @VP
16.0~20.0 V @HP

Model - X4LNB
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MegaSat 0401074 HD-Profi Quad LNB
MegaSat 0401074 HD-Profi Quad LNB (0401074)
Product Information:

The HD-LNBs promise best quality at an attractive price. Also here, the F-connectors for better conductivity gold-plated, in order to ensure the best possible picture on your TV. The reception of HD, 3D or 4K programs is with these LNBs is guaranteed.

The LNB is suitable for the reception of signals from a satellite for up to four receiver. The retractable weather protection protects the F-socket before snow and rain. By a very low noise level of only 0.1 dB is an excellent picture and sound quality is guaranteed.

Product Specification:
  • Suitable for operation of up to four receivers directly at the LNB
  • Long life thanks to the heat and cold-resistant design.
  • The retractable weather protection protects the F-socket before snow and rain
  • Excellent picture and sound quality with a very low noise level of only 0.1Db
  • Participants 4
  • LNB feed size 40mm
  • Noise factor 0.1dB
  • Connector F socket
  • Features gold-plated terminals, weatherproof
  • Colour White
  • Product type Quad LNB
Model - 0401074
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Blazer HD20 Full HD PVR Satellite Receiver
Blazer HD20 Full HD PVR Satellite Receiver (HS20)

DESCRIPTION of Blazer HD20 FULL HD Free To Air Box

Programmed with UK free to air channel list

Perfect box to connect to a dish for Astra 28.2e and get all the UK free to air stations


DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compliant (MPEG-II/ MPEG-IV/ H.264) 
SCPC & MCPC receivable from Ku and C band satellites 
Universal, Single, Single S & C Band Wideband LNB 
Compatible Code Rates: 1/2, 3/5, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6,7/8, 8/9 and 9/10 
DiSEq C 1.0/1.2/1.3(USALS) 
Blind search supported. 
Multi satellite search,network search, manual search 
Variable aspect ratio(4:3,16:9)with PAN&SCAN vector or letter box option 
Output Resolution: 480i,480p,576i,576p,720p_50Hz,720p_60Hz,1080i_50Hz,
1080i_60Hz, 1080P_50Hz, 1080P_60Hz
16bits Color on screen display (OSD) 
Storing memory: 100 satellite,2000 transponders and 4000 channels

Model - HD20
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Blazer HD400 Combo Satellite Saorview Receiver
Blazer HD400 Combo Satellite Saorview Receiver (HD400)
Product Information:

Watch HD Channels such as BBC1 HD, BBC 2 HD, ITV HD & CH4 HD & many more as well as over 300 standard digital TV & UK Radio channels from FreesatWatch RTE's Saorview service, RTE One HD, RTE 2 HD, Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two, Virgin Media Three, TG4, RTE Junior, RTE One +1, RTE 2+1, RTE News Now, and Oireachtas TV. You'll also receive nine radio stations.

This receiver requires a feed from both a satellite dish and a terrestrial TV aerial

Use one remote to watch both services

Digital Radios channels are also available


The Blazer HD400 FULL HD Combo Box can receive Free UK HD Satellite TV & Irish Digital Terrestrial TV on a Single PVR Ready Combo Box. This lets you enjoy the best of both worlds from one single remote control, no need for fiddling around with various systems. It also has some media player functions built in.

Product Specification:

  • Fully DVB-S/S2 / DVB-T/T2 MPEG2/H.264 Compliant
  • Free-To Air
  • High Speed USB2.0 Connection
  • Dolby Digital Bit-Stream out via Coaxial S/PDIF & HDMI
  • Full HD (1080p) Output via HDMI
  • Scart Output for standard TVs 
  • 4 Digit Front LED Display
  • Channel Recording to External Storage Devices
  • TimeShift support
  • Multimedia Playback Support (MKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV etc...)
  • Subtitle support
  • Compact Design
  • MP3 & JPEG File Support
  • Software Upgrade support by USB
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • User Friendly Multi-Language On-Screen Display
  • Program Recording from EPG
  • <1W Power Consumption in Stand-By Mode
  • 12v 1 Amp 3 Pin Power Adaptor
Model - HD400
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AMIKO HD Combi Receiver 024522
AMIKO HD Combi Receiver 024522 (024522)



Product Information:

Amiko hd combi receiver

Free to air satellite tv & irish digital terrestrial tv

On a single pvr combo box

7day epg on terrestrial channels

Whats on now & next epg

On satellite channels

Also with usb media player

Functions built-in

1080p hd ready picture

Hdmi digital connection

Digital audio out & scart

Connection for older tv sets

2 x high speed usb 2.0 connection

4 digit front led display

External ir sensor included

Channel recording to external

Storage devices

**Hdd required for recording**

Time shift function support

50000 tv & radio channels


Ethernet connection &

Usb wi-fi support

**Not saorview approved**

No saorview teletext support

Subtitle support

Software upgrade support via usb

User friendly multi-language

On-screen display

**All boxes pre-programmed with uk

Channel list!**

Model - 024522
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Walker WPS818C Saorview Approved Combi Satellite Box
Walker WPS818C Saorview Approved Combi Satellite Box (WPS818C)
Walker WPS818C Saorview Approved Combi Satellite Box

What’s Included
  • Saorview Combo Receiver
    • Manufacturer: Walker
    • Model: WPS818C
  • Remote Control & Set of AAA Batteries
  • Power Unit: 12Vdc ~ 2A
  • English User Manual

  • Important Notes: Walker WPS818C is Sold Non-Programmed
    • Please Scan Saorview Channel First (This Will Put Them at Top of Channel List)
    • Next Perform Full Satellite Scan on Astra 2 (This Will Add UK Satellite Channels From CH 200 Onwards)
  • Front of Receiver
    • Standby Button
    • Channel Up
    • Channel Down
    • USB Port
  • Back of Receiver
    • Analog AV Out
    • Optical Audio Out
    • DVB T/T2 Antenna IN (Connect TV Aerial Here)
    • DVB-S2 LNB IN (Connect Satellite Dish Here)
    • Ethernet Port
    • DC Input
    • HDMI Out
  • Features
    • PVR Functions Via USB (External Hard Drive)
    • Favourite Channel List
    • Supported Resolutions: Up to 1080p (Full HD)
    • Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9 & Letterbox
    • Digital Radio Channels
    • Automatic Channel Search
    • Full Digital Aertel Teletext
    • 7 Day EPG (On Terrestrial Only)
    • Reminder Setting from EPG
    • English On-Screen Display
    • Subtitles
    • Integrated Media Player (JPG, AVI, MKV, MP3)
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 230 x 138 x 42mm

Uses of Walker WPS818C Saorview Combo Receiver

  • HD Saorview approved combo receiver for receiving both
    • Irish Digital Terrestrial TV (Saorview Channels)
    • Standard & HD UK Satellite Channels
  • Channel List (See List of Channels Tab) Includes
    • RTE 1, RTE 2, Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two, TG4, Virgin Media Three, TG4, RTE One +1, RTEjr etc..
      • Need to tune Irish channels to your local transmitter (See video guides)
    • BBC 1,2,4, UTV, ITV 2,3,4, ITV be, Channel 4, More 4, E4, Film 4, Channel 4/7 etc
    • Channel 5, CBS, Showcase, Food Channel, Travel Channel, EWTN, VIVA, Pick, Challenge, Dave, Home, Quest, Really etc
    • CITV, CBBC, Cbeebies etc
    • BBC News, Euro News, CNN, CNBC etc
    • True Movies 1 & 2, True Drama, Horror Channel, Men & Movies etc
    • Huge Array of Music Channels
    • All +1 Channels Where Available
    • HD Channels include the following
      • BBC 1 HD, BBC 2 HD, BBC 4 HD, CBBC HD, Cbeebies HD, UTV HD, C4 HD, BBC News HD, RTE 1 HD, RTE 2 HD etc
  • PVR Features – Add recording with an external hard drive (or Internal drive)
    • Equipment needed – 250GB, 320GB external hard drive etc
  • Allows viewer to record TV shows
Model - WPS818C
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