Philips FC8375 Compact Vacuum Cleaner

Model - FC8375

Philips PerformerCompact FC8375

Philips PerformerCompactboasts high cleaning power in a compact body, which makes it an ideal choice for smaller households. It reliably picks up dirt from the floor and keeps it inside with the help of a convenient filtration system. You won't need to drag a heavy monster through your flat anymore  this vacuum cleaner can do the hard work despite its small size and it is easy to store, saving you valuable space. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a wide range of useful integrated accessories always at hand, such as cervice tool and a brush conveniently integrated in the handle.

Key Features

  • Small and lightweight construction easy to use and store
  • A-class on hard floors
  • Energy efficiency class A
  • Super Clean Air filter for dust-free, healthy air
  • Maximizing airflow even when filling the bag
  • Strong suction power to use the bag to the very end
  • TriActive nozzle applies 3 cleaning actions
  • Integrated accessories

Clean floor in large rooms

Thanks to the unique dust chamber, the dust bag can unfold uniformly. The Max Airflow technology maximizes airflow and keeps the suction power stronger for longer in order to use the full potential of the dust bag. Thes-bags Classic Long Performance along with the Super Clean Air filter keep all the dirt and fine dust inside.

Nice and easy

The vacuum cleaner features a tube with a long handle enabling you to clean hard to reach areas. The appliance is equipped with the newly designed TriActive Plusnozzleoffering 3 cleaning actions in one go. It gently opens the carpet with its soleplate to remove the dust hidden deep down. The nozzle also picks up bigger bits with its wide opening at the front and sucks the dust and dirt closely alongside furniture and walls with its left and right side air channels.

  • Model: FC8375
  • Manufacturer:Philips