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Model - USC009
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Model - 484000008436
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Wpro USC100 Whirlpool Universal External In-Line Water Filter (USC100)
  • Model: USC100
  • Genuine Wpro External Inline Water Filter
  • Push Fit Wpro external inline water filter
  • external inline fridge water filter cartridge
  • Capacity: 5500 Litres

The WPro INLINE USC100 Universal Water Filter replacement cartridge is suitable for American styled side-by-side fridge freezers for clearer and better tasting water and ice. The INLINE USC100 Water Filter will help reduce the chlorine taste and odour, impurities and sediments for anywhere between 6 and 9 months before it needs replacing. Keep your water pure and fresh thanks to the WPro INLINE USC100 Universal Water Filter. USC100 Fridge Water Filter If your fridge is in need of a new water filter or if you're looking to use your fridge as a source of clean water, eSpares has just what you're looking for. This genuine water filter from Wpro is easy to install and will leave you with delicious, crisp water any time you need it. Specification: Also Known As: Water Filter Cartridge Type: USC100 Max Pressure: 0.60 MPA Max Temperature: 100F / 38°C Capacity: 5500 Litres Adaptable for Samsung WSF100 / EF9606 • LG BL9303 / 9808• Whirlpool Thanks to its Kenflo quick fittings and connectors it is easy to install. It is recommended that you change the filter every 6 months.
Model - USC100
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Wpro USC009 Water Filter (USC009)
Product Information

The WPRO USC009 Whirlpool Filter can replace the following filters: 481281729632 - 461950271171 - SBS002 - SBS004 - 481281719243 - PWF100 - 480181700086 - Electrolux 4055069977 - Brita

The USC009 is the original, manufacturers approved, internal water filter for all Whirlpool , Scholtes and Smeg American style refrigerators.

This filter is positioned at the bottom of the refrigerator and is easy to connect and disconnect with the unique ¼ turn system.

The filter media used is Carbon Block and has a filtration of > 0.5µ* 

* µ : Micrometer

A micrometer is equivalent to a thousandth of a millimeter (0.001mm). A micrometer is the unit that is used to measure the quality of water filtration. (See “Choose the filter for your refrigerator” section)

The advised filter life of a USC009 is 6 months.

This filter is compatible with all WHIRLPOOL refrigerators which currently use a water filter shaped like a long bottle. The filter is 25cm in length and 4.5cm in diameter.

Model - USC009
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Whirlpool 484000008436 Wpro Stacking Kit (484000008436)
Product Information

Space-saving solution. Stabilise your tumble dryer above your washing machine easily. Universal fit to all 60x60 cm appliances. Quick and easy to install “Safe-in-Lock” device included. Completely safe patented design made of ABS plastic. Load and unload your tumble dryer without bending or use the shelf to help fold your washing.


Universal stacking kit  
Box contents
Whirlpool 484000008436 Wpro Stacking Kit With Shelf  
100 x 590 x 620 mm (H x W x D)  
3.84 kg  
Model - 484000008436
Out Of Stock
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