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Ultralightpal TE9006 27 LED Rechargeable Light (TE9006)

Ultralightpal 27 LED Rechargeable Light

Ultralightpal 27 led

  • Rechargeable work light
  • Over 8 hours light
  • From a single charge
  • Swivel hook
  • Home & car charger provided
  • Ideal for home Work & recreation use
Model - TE9006
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Ultralightpal TE2370 3 in 1 Rechargeable LED Torch (TE2370)

Ultralightpal 2370 3-in-1 Rechargeable LED Torch, Nightlight & Emergency Light

The Ultralightpal 2370 is a 3-in-1 nightlight, portable rechargeable torch & emergency power failure light. Using LED technology it has very low power consumption (less than 1watt) and is a very versatile product.

As a nightlight it provides that secure feeling in a bedroom, but also doubles as a portable torch when required.  During power failures, it immediately and automatically emits a bright light, and when strategically placed can allow a clear view for exits, stairs etc.

It is also an ideal torch for walking, as it is small, compact & bright, and as its rechargeable, there is never a need for batteries.  It's light when you need it, where you need it.

Model - TE2370
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UltralightPal TE9300 Rechargeable LED Torch (TE9300)

Product Information:

Ultralight 9300 LED rechargeable torch

5 hours light off a single charge

3 light settings-strong

Full & emergency flashing

Focused beam

Model - TE9300
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