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Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Wearable (FB409)
Top features: 

- Heart rate tracker for accurate calorie burning and health monitoring 

- Get the most out of different sports with SmartTrack auto exercise recognition 

- Cardio fitness, move reminders and guided breathing help balance your wellbeing 

- Stay connected with text, email and calendar alerts from your smartphone 

Heart rate tracker 

The Fitbit Charge 3 gives you a heart rate monitor right on your wrist. Your fitness band can continuously monitor your heart patterns, so you can accurately check how many calories you've burned, your workout results and health trends.

You can wear the fitness band day and night to monitor your heart rate while resting, and because you can monitor its behaviour over time you'll have a better picture of how your fitness and health are developing.

Get the most out of different sports

Track how you're performing in your preferred activity, whether it's running, cycling, swimming or field sports. SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition and your smartphone's GPS deliver stats based on your specific activity, providing locational information to help you build your training regime.

Motivate yourself every day - Fitbit Charge 3 keeps track of your movements, from steps and floors climbed to distances travelled, active periods and how many calories you're burning.

Cardio fitness, move reminders and guided breathing

Cardio fitness is important. Your Charge 3 helps you understand your current fitness level so you can plan how to raise or adjust it. You can even set a specific goal for calories, time or distance before your workout so you can see how much closer you're getting to hitting targets.

Keep track of your breathing and make the most of guided, on-display breathing sessions to stay relaxed during your day. You can personalise these sessions according to your lifestyle. The watch helps you stay active with reminders to move – ideal for extended periods of time at your desk.

Stay connected

Sync the health tracker via Bluetooth with your smartphone to stay in touch and view stats, trends and progress whenever and wherever you like. Get alerts for texts, calls and calendar events, directly viewable on the OLED screen.

Tap the screen to easily access activity records, smartphone alerts, the clock and your personalised daily routines. Swipe to the dashboard to see your statistics, progress and goals, and general health and fitness status.
Model - FB409
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Fitbit Charge 3 Special Edition Fitness Wearable (FB410)
Top features: 

- Fitness tracker keeps you updated throughout the day 

- Exercise recognition tracks your sports activity 

- Touchscreen display is clear and easy to read 

-Stay connected with smartphone notifications

Fitness tracker

Stay on top of your personal health goals with the Fitbit Charge 3 SE. This useful fitness watch tracks activity like steps, distance, floors climbed, active minutes, and calories burned so you can get a real insight into how your daily activities match up to your targets. Staying healthy doesn't stop at night, that's why the Fitbit also tracks your sleep, showing you how much time you spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages.

Exercise recognition

The Charge 3 Special Edition is a great helper with sports and exercising. It automatically recognises activities like running, and swimming, and also has 15 preset modes including bike, yoga and circuit training. It'll save your results and stats in the Fitbit app so you can see how you're progressing and set new goals.  It's water resistant up to 50 metres too, so if you're doing some lengths in the pool you don't have to worry about taking it off.

Touchscreen display

With a large, touchscreen display and automatic backlighting, it's easier to see all your stats, notifications, or even just the time of day on your Fitbit Charge 3. This Fitbit also has NFC so you can charge it wirelessly and make contactless payments. 

Stay connected

More than just a fitness tracker, the Charge 3 helps you stay connected with call and calendar alerts, as well as text and app notifications direct from your smartphone. It looks great on your wrist too, with a modern, minimal design that works with any outfit.
Model - FB410
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