Zanussi Integrated Fridge Freezer | ZBB28651SV

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    Product Specifications

    Hassle Free Freezing

    This special Frost Free freezer prevents ice from building up inside your freezer, so you'll never have to spend time defrosting it.

    Saving on Your Energy Bill

    This refrigerator offers bright, energy-efficient LED bulbs and an A+ energy rating.

    The Fridge Freezer That Adapts to Your Needs

    The Removable shelves and door balconies let you easily arrange the fridge section the way you want it, making it easier to store food and to find it again late.

    Product Features

    Auto defrost
    Reversible door
    A+ Energy rating
    Removable egg tray
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    • Model: ZBB28651SV
    • Manufacturer:Zanussi