Whirlpool WIC3C23PEF 60cm Integrated Standard Dishwasher

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Core Product DataBrandWHIRLPOOL
Product groupDishwasher
GTIN (EAN) code8003437203725
Energy efficiency class
Commercial codeWIC 3C23 PEF UK
Key features14 Place SettingsAll the space you need. This Whirlpool Dishwasher provides 14 versatile place settings, so you can enjoy all the space you need, always.
Super SilentSilent efficiency. This Whirlpool Dishwasher is designed to provide ideal results, while ensuring a silent noise output, so you can enjoy some extra peace and quiet.
Adjustable upper rackAdjustable upper rack. Your Dishwasher's adjustable upper rack allows you to create extra space when needed, as well as fit unusually-shaped items, effortlessly.
External water protectionThis Whirlpool Dishwasher includes an external water protection feature, integrated in the supply pipe, that protects from water flooding in case of an unexpected malfunction.
Single rack washing optionOutstanding water efficiency. The single rack option allows you to wash a small number of dishes without having to wait to fill your Dishwasher. Enjoy perfect results and low water consumption.
Tablet optionTailored for you. Choose the washing method you prefer. The Tablet option allows you to select a cycle specifically designed for tablet detergents, so you can enjoy ideal results, always.
Hot Water connectionHot water connection. This Whirlpool Dishwasher allows direct connection to a hot water pipe (maximum 60°).
Light reminderA discreet reminder. This Whirlpool Dishwasher projects an elegant and discreet light to signal the end of the wash cycle.
Acoustic cycle endA helpful reminder. An acoustic signal will inform you when your Dishwasher's cycle is over.
7 Segment DisplayA clear display to set washing cycles and options.
Rapid CycleEnjoy rapid results. The Rapid cycle provides all the care and washing power you deserve, in less time.
SilentSilent performance. Your Whirlpool Dishwasher is designed to provide ideal washing results, while ensuring the lowest possible noise output.
Fragile cycleDelicate care. The Fragile cycle allows you to safely wash all delicate and fragile items with complete peace of mind.
Removable upper rackRemovable upper rack. Your Dishwasher's removable upper rack allows you to create extra space when needed, as well as fit unusually-shaped items, effortlessly.
Foldable tinsFoldable tins. This Whirlpool Dishwasher features foldable tins, for increased ease of use.
EcoFriendlyExtraordinary savings. 6th SENSE EcoFriendly technology features intelligent sensors to continuously monitor the wash cycle and detect the level of soiling, adjusting resources accordingly. Enjoy ideal cleaning results and save up to 50% energy, water and time.* (* Comparison between minimum and maximum consumption on the 6th SENSE programs.)
8 ProgramsFlexible options, ideal results. This Whirlpool Dishwasher provides 8 versatile programs, allowing you to be able to select the most fitting one for you, always.
Adjustable feetTailored for you. This Whirlpool Dishwasher includes adjustable feet, so you can effortlessly set the hight of your appliance to fit your needs.
A++ energy efficiencyHigh energy efficiency. With its A++ Energy Rating, this Whirlpool Dishwasher provides ideal results, while saving energy and resources.
Power CleanNo prewash required. PowerClean technology provides perfect washing results with no pre-washing, soaking or scrubbing by hand.
6TH SENSE TechnologyNo prewash required. 6th SENSE technology provides perfect washing results with no pre-washing, soaking or scrubbing by hand, while effectively reducing water consumption and costs.                                               
PowerClean ProPowerful water jets on the rear of the machine work to deliver supreme cleaning results on the toughest soil. The intelligent sensors detect the level of dirt and adapt the water pressure accordingly.
Third rackAll the space you need. Your Whirlpool Dishwasher provides a third rack: the ideal solution for additional loading capacity, so you'll never run out of space.
ExtraSpaceRevolutionising space management. The unique ExtraSpace design allows vertical loading of pots and pans, in the lower rack, providing you with room for 10 extra dishes. Save space, save time.
FlexiSpaceDesign your space. FlexiSpace's modular baskets allow you to arrange items freely and easily inside the dishwasher cavity.
Modular Third rackThe third rack is perfect for accommodating cutlery and utensils and is equipped with sliding modules that allow to easily load higher items on the upper rack.
NaturalDryThe automatic door opening at the end of the program ensures better and more natural drying. This system guarantees higher energy efficiency and better drying results.
Half load optionResource-efficient. Save resources when your Dishwasher is only half full. The Half load option optimizes water and power consumption when washing a small load, on both racks.
Start DelayTailored for you. The Start Delay option allows you to set the Dishwasher to begin its cycle whenever most convenient for you, saving you both time and energy.
Large hingesBeauty in every detail. Large hinges ensure perfect harmony and alignment between the plinth and the kitchen decor door.
Flexible washing optionsIdeal space management. Add, remove or adapt the space inside your Dishwasher as you like, thanks to the modular racks and foldable tines.
DescriptionThis Whirlpool integrated Dishwasher features: silver color. Outstanding A++ energy rating, for reduced energy consumption. Adjustable feet, for perfect stability on uneven floors and surfaces. Innovative technology ensuring extra silent performance, for a very quiet appliance. Superb cleaning performance, for ideal washing results.
  • Model: WIC3C23PEF
  • Manufacturer:Whirlpool