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Whirlpool FWG81284W 8kg Freestanding 1200 Spin Washing Machine

Included in these prices is a contribution to recycling costs of €5

Whirlpool FWG81284W 8kg freestanding front loading washing machine

Ariel 19 Wash 3-in-1 Washing Pods Included. **Not sold separately.

6th sense technology
Discover perfect care.

  • 6th SENSE intelligent sensors adapt resources according to the size and type of load, offering savings of up to 50%* on energy, water and time.
  • (* Comparison between maximum load and 1kg load on washer with 6th SENSE function and Cotton 60° program.)

6th sense colours
Ideal colour care.

  • The 6th SENSE Colours programs ensures outstanding color care and unparalleled fabric protection. Each 6th SENSE program optimizes washing performance for a specific color set, regardless of fabric type: Dark, Light, Mixed or Whites.

colours 15°
Low temperatures, perfect protection.

  • The Colour 15° option provides all the care and protection you deserve, while ensuring ideal washing results for all your coloured clothing.

Child lock
Safety first.

  • This Whirlpool Washing Machine features a child lock system, to prevent toddlers and children from accidentally using this appliance.

Colours program

Ideal colour care.

  • Ensure your coloured items receive all the care you deserve, with the Colours Program.

Daily load
Effortless daily washing.

  • The Daily Load programme completes an average daily load (3.5kg) of mixed cotton and synthetic fibres at 40°C in only 60 minutes.


  • The Washing Machine's noise-level, measured in decibels.

Spinning Efficiency

  • Drum rotations, or spins, per minute (rpm). The faster the washing machine spins, the drier the clothes when taken out of the Washing Machine.

1200 RPM
Outstanding speed.

  • This Whirlpool Washing Machine features a 1200 rounds per minute spin speed.

Energy Rating
The Washing Machine's energy rating. The higher the rating, the higher the energy-efficiency of the product.

Super energy efficiency: a+++-10%
Unparalleled energy efficiency.

  • This Whirlpool Washing Machine features an outstanding A+++ energy rating, reducing energy consumption by 10%.

The Washing Machine's drum capacity, measured in kilograms.

All the space you need.

  • With its 8kg drum capacity, this Whirlpool Washing Machine provides all the space you need for your laundry.

Technical Specifications

This Whirlpool freestanding front loading Washing Machine features: a spacious 8kg capacity. White color. Exclusive 6th SENSE technology, that dynamically adapts settings to each specific load, ensuring ideal care for all your fabrics. 30 minute quick wash. A fast, resource-efficient 1200 revolutions per minute spin speed.

Technical details

  • Width of the product: 595
  • Width of the packed product: 640
  • Depth: 630
  • Depth of the packed product: 645
  • Height of the product: 845
  • Height of the packed product: 870
  • Net weight (kg): 71
  • Gross weight (kg): 72
  • Current (A): 10
  • Length of electrical supply cord (cm): 120
  • Connection rating (W): 1850
  • Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW): 79
  • Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW): 52
  • Construction Type: Free-standing

Main features

  • Adjustable feet: Yes - all
  • Capacity: 8kg
  • Cold wash option: No
  • Hot & cold water intake?: No
  • Loading type: Front
  • Spin speed: 1200
  • Removable work top: Yes
  • Separate temperature control options: Steps
  • Spin speed options: Variable
  • Start delay options: Continuous
  • Start delay time max. (h): 0
  • Water plus: No
  • Wheels: No


  • Energy class: A+++
  • Washing performance class - NEW (2010/30/EC): A
  • Energy consumption annual (kWh/annum) - NEW (2010/30/EC): 177
  • Spin drying performance class: B
  • Water consumption annual (l/annum) - NEW (2010/30/EC)): 11650
  • Model: FWG81284W
  • Manufacturer: Whirlpool