Miele SKRF3 Blizzard CX1 PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner

    Model - SKRF3
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    Bagless cylinder vacuum cleaners with EcoTeQ floorhead for energy efficient vacuuming with maximum cleaning

    Key Features
    •  2 Litres
    •  890W
    •  Not Bagless

    Product Details

    Vortex technology

    The Vortex technology produces an enormous flow velocity of more than 100 km/h. Combined with the specially designed floorhead and the aerodynamic air flow, the bagless vacuum cleaner achieves first-class cleaning performance. This ensures that coarse soiling and fine dust are separated in an outstanding manner. The coarse soiling lands in the transparent dust container, the fine dust in a separate container with a fine dust filter.

    Handles with anti-static conductor

    All Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners have a small metal strip integrated into the handle, which works like a lightning conductor. This prevents static discharge between appliance and user.

    Gentle-start Motor

    The selected power level is ramped up slowly when Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on. This protects the mains from overload.

    Thermal Protection

    A temperature limiter protects all Miele cylinder vacuum cleaners from overheating. Should the air passage become blocked – for instance by vacuuming up bulky particles – the motor will automatically shut off for safety's sake. After the cause has been removed and the appliance has cooled down, it is ready for use once more.

    • Availability: Out Of Stock
    • Model: SKRF3
    • Manufacturer:Miele