UltralightPal TE8712L 1.2W LED Rechargeable Torch

Model - TE8712L

A powerful and lightweight 1.2 Watt LED Rechargeable Torch and Hand-free Adjustable Floodlight with Lithium Ion Battery, holds its charge for up to 120 days so its always ready to use. Once charged you have 9 hours continuous light from only ONE charge. It has 2 functions, Torch and Floodlight. The 7 LED super bright Torch and 12 LED adjustable Floodlight. This LED rechargeable Torch provides five times brighter light and lasts up to ten times longer than traditional Torches. Its suitable for all professional and DIY jobs. Weather resistant, providing 70 Lumens of brightness and a Beam distance of 100 metres. The 8712 Rechargeable Torch has an ergonomic handle for easy handling. The adjustable Floodlight is ideal for using while Camping, Reading, Walking, Fishing and all outdoor activities.

  • 9 hours continuous high powered light from a single charge.
  • Handsfree Adjustable Floodlight.
  • The lithium Ion battery supplied is light and compact, providing greater power and longer life than other battery types.
  • This Torch provides 2 Functions, Torch and Floodlight.
  • It provides a strong beam of light, supplying 70 lumens of brightness.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • Brightness of 70 Lumens.

Battery Included: Yes
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Rechargeable Battery: Yes
Brightness: 70 Lumens
Beam Distance: 100m
Retains Charge: 120 Days
Continuous Light from one charge: 9 Hours
Power: 1.2 Watt
Bulb: LED
Bulb Quantity Torch: 7 LED
Bulb Quantity Floodlight: 12 LED
  • Availability: 3
  • Model: TE8712L
  • Manufacturer: UltralightPal