Siemens KG34NVW20G Fridge Freezer in White

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The stylish Siemens KG34NVW20G Fridge Freezer is built with advanced cooling technology to make for a fresh and efficient food storage solution.

Energy efficient

This economical refrigeration appliance has an A+ energy efficient rating, reducing energy use and lowering running costs.

Fridge storage

The fridge offers a large 191-litre of storage capacity, suitable for a family's weekly food shop. You can keep things organised with the 3 adjustable shelves, wine rack, vegetable box and door compartments.

Cooling technology

The automatic defrost feature means you never need to manually defrost the refrigerator again – keep your food cool without any frost build-up.

With a multiAirflow cooling system the Siemens KG34NVW evenly distributes cool air around every compartment, ensuring a constant optimum temperature on all levels. The vegetable box even features an integrated humidity control for improved air circulation.

Freezer storage

The 4-star freezer has a generous 94 litres of storage space. The appliance is equipped with 3 storage drawers for your frozen goods, each with transparent fronts, so it's no trouble to locate your dinner!

Freezer technology

The fully frost-free appliance features a Super Freeze function with automatic deactivation, ensuring fast and safe freezing for newly purchased products.

Cool convenience

The AirFresh filter and AntiBacterial protection work by neutralising odours to reduce bacteria growth, keeping your refrigerator a fortress of freshness. It also has removable magnetic door seals that are easy to clean and maintain.

With twin evaporators the Siemens KG34NVW20G Fridge Freezer has independent temperature control so there is no humidity transfer between fridge and freezer.


  • Energy efficiency rating: A+
  • Annual energy consumption: 293 kWh
  • Colour / Finish: White
  • Total gross capacity: 318 litres
  • Suitable for outbuildings: No
  • Total storage capacity: 280 litres
  • Noise level: 42 dB(A)
  • Model: KG34NVW20G
  • Manufacturer: Siemens