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Samsung RB34T602ESA/EU Frost Free Classic Fridge Freezer Silver A++

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More inside, same outside.
When you're short on space, but still need to cater for big events, there's SpaceMax™. It works by making the walls slimmer so the same size fridge on the outside has larger capacity inside. All without compromising on performance or energy efficiency. You really can get the best of both worlds.

Put defrosting on ice.
Who has the time these days to defrost a fridge? Our Total No Frost feature maintains an even temperature, preventing ice build up, saving you the hassle of defrosting and keeping your Fridge Freezer frost free.

Streamlined and smooth, front to back.
We all know how filthy the exposed cables and coils on the back of a normal fridge get, and no one wants that in their kitchen. So we’ve made this refrigerator cleaner and a lot more durable with a metal Clean Back cover. That means it’s easy to keep pristine just give the smooth surface a quick wipe and the inner workings are nicely protected from any bumps and knocks.

Chill your wine, champers, and more.
Keep your wine perfectly chilled with the extra wide wine rack. And if that’s not your style, the wide, flat shelf is great for storing pizza or large plates too.
  • Depth: 658 MM
  • Energy Rating: A++
  • SpaceMax™ - Now you can get the best of both worlds. It makes the walls slimmer, so the same size fridge on the outside has larger capacity inside.
  • Total No Frost - No one likes defrosting. Total No Frost prevents ice build-up, saving you the hassle and keeping your Fridge Freezer frost-free.
  • Clean Back - It can be difficult to keep the backs of refrigerators clean and safe. But we’ve got it covered – with the metal Clean Back cover.
  • Seamless and Sleek Design - Sleek and cool. Flat streamlined doors, a recessed handle, and chic water dispenser satisfy your needs
  • Wine Shelf - Keep your wine and champagne perfectly chilled with the extra wide wine rack, so you’re always ready for a special toast.
  • All Around Cooling - Now you'll never lose your cool. Everything from chickens to cucumbers will be evenly chilled and stay fresh for longer.
  • Big Door Bin - More room for the best beverages. From tall bottles and cartons up to 4 pints, you can get it all in the door without a worry.
  • Flush Door - Install your fridge next to a wall, with a flat door and recessed handle so you can open the door 90° and still access everything inside
  • Reversible Door - The Reversible Door means you can choose which side it opens from, making your Samsung fridge work with your kitchen.
  • Power Freezer - Don’t worry about your frozen favourites defrosting on the way home. Add a burst of Power Freeze to keep them at their best.
  • Frost Free
  • Height: 180 - 199cms
  • Height: 1853 MM
  • Number of Drawers: 1
  • Number of Shelves: 4
  • Plumbing Required: N
  • Reversible Door: Y
  • Total Net Capacity: 340
  • Width: 56 to 60cm
  • Width: 595 MM
  • Model: RB34T602ESA
  • Manufacturer: Samsung