Labgear MRX600K Input/Output Port To RF Converter

    Model - MRX600K
    Product Information

    Allows you to connect a Sky HD box (that doesn't have a RF2 outpout) to a coaxial cable distribution set up. So you can send the output from your Sky box to other rooms in the home. You can also control the Sky box from those rooms using a magic eye, as the MRX600K will also power any eyes connected.
    • Converts the Sky I/O port to an RF output
    • Can be connected to a TV distribution system to allow viewing and IR remote control from multiple locations
    • Aerial loop through for Freeview signal distribution
    • Fully compatible with new and existing TV distribution systems
    • Allows the use of existing RF Link devices used to distribute Sky signals and control remotely Sky receivers.

    • RF modulator output channels 21CH - 69CH
    • RF forward frequency range 47-862MHz
    • Return path frequency range 5 to 12 MHz (RF OUT to I/O port)
    • RF IN connector x 1 IEC female
    • RF OUT connector x 2 IEC male
    • I/O connector 10 pin mini DIN plug on 250mm flylead
    • DC output (RF OUT) Regulated 9VDC 100mA (short circuit protected)
    • Power supply Input 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.35A
    • Power supply Output 12V1000mA max.
    • Availability: 3
    • Model: MRX600K
    • Manufacturer:Labgear