George Foreman Entertaining 7 Portion Grill - 23431

Model - 23431

The sleek, black design will perfectly suit a modern kitchen and thanks to a spacious grill surface, you can cook up to seven portions at once meaning your guests will never go hungry.

Floating Hinge

A floating hinge enables you to cook extra thick food, including sausages and burgers, whilst the sloping grill channels fat and grease into a separate drip tray.

Adjustable Rear Foot

The adjustable rear foot gives you more versatility when cooking. For sandwich and panini’s, you can sit the grill flat preventing fillings spilling out. However, for meat, you can angle the grill to drain more fat from the product.

Longer Last Non Stick Grill

A new, improved 3x longer last non-stick grill makes for easy cleaning and fuss-free cooking.

‘Perfect-fit’ Drip Tray

Fits perfectly in place every time, capturing excess fat and grease. Additionally, it’s easy to insert and remove for effortless cleaning.

Vertical Storage

Vertical Storage including drip tray and cord storage, so you can keep work surfaces tidy and save space between uses.

Product Features:
  • Verical storage
  • Adjustable rear foot
  • Removes up to 42% of fat
  • Variable temperature control
  • Model: 23431
  • Manufacturer: George Foreman