Fitbit Inspire Fitness Wearable

    Model - FB412BKBK
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    Top features: 

    - Monitor every aspect of your health and track your fitness 

    - Stay connected on-the-go with text, email and calendar alerts 

    - A large battery life and customisable clock faces

    Monitor every aspect of your health

    Stay in the know and learn about your body and fitness levels with the Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker. It offers a huge range of features - track your calories, steps, distance travelled, daily activity levels, sleep patterns and more.

    The Inspire automatically recognises what exercise you're doing, from walking and running to cycling, and then records it for you in the Fitbit app. So it's easy to look back over your week and check you're getting enough exercise. It's also waterproof up to 50 m, so if you're a keen swimmer, you can track your exercise in the pool too.

    If you're trying to get on top of your eating habits, you can log your meals in the app for an easy way to control your calorie intake. You can set hourly reminders to move too - handy if work tends to keep you sat down.

    Stay connected on-the-go

    Sync the health tracker via Bluetooth to your smartphone to stay in touch and view stats, trends and progress whenever and wherever you like. Get alerts for texts, calls and calendar events, directly viewable on the OLED screen.

    Tap the screen to easily access activity records, smartphone alerts, the clock and your personalised daily routines. Swipe to the dashboard to see your statistics, progress and goals - it's like having a personal trainer on your wrist.

    A large battery life

    With five days battery life from a full charge, you've got one less charger to have to remember on weekends away. With customisable clock faces, you can switch it up depending on your mood and situation - choose the stats-focused face to track your workouts at a glance, or choose the more traditional watch face for work.
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    • Model: FB412
    • Manufacturer:FITBIT