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Hand Sanitizing & Moisturising Gel 90ML

Model - DERMAL MEDS.31
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DERMAL MED S.31 90ml is a 70% alcohol effective non-perfumed bio-alcohol gel that ensures an optimal result without burdening the skin.

  • 100% biodegradability, fully readibly biodegradable
  • Moisturising
  • 0% unrenewable mineral derivatives (No petroleum-based alcohol)
  • 0% harmful substances
  • 0% (eco) toxic substances
  • Skin neutral
  • Only natural filler fragrance and dyes
DERMAL MED S.31 is an effective hygienic gel that ensures an optimal result without burdening the skin. By using DERMAL MED S.31 regularly, you avoid the risk of unwanted manual transfer of substances that are harmful to health. DERMAL MED S.31 is 100% environmentally safe and contains no hazardous components, is gentle on the skin and completely safe for humans, animals and the aquatic environment. Due to the added skin care ingredients, it prevents dry hands and is very suitable for frequent use.
  • Model: Dermal Med S.31