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AV Link 770751 F Connector F to F (770751)
Product Information

Female to Female


Colour: Silver
Model - 770751
AV Link 766299 Coax Coupler (766299)
Product Information


Back to back coupler to connect 2 coax plugs, finished in white plastic. Socket to socket.
Model - 766299
AV Link 765539 Nickel Plated Brass Coaxial Plug (765539)
Product Information

High quality nickel plated brass coaxial plug.


Material: Brass
Features: Nickel Plating
Model - 765539
Av Link 770152 F Connector Rg6 Twist On (770152)
Product Information

Twist on F-type plug for RG6 and 100 type (6.5mm to 7mm∅) cable.


Made of zinc alloy
Model - 770152
Mercury 429.824UK Shaver Adaptor (429.824UK)

Mains adaptor to allow an electric shaver to be used from a UK mains outlet.

  • Fitted with 1A fuse (BS646)
  • Conforms to BS1363/3
Model - 429.824UK
Commtel T105A (T105A)

Commtel T105A

Coaxial plug to a Coaxial socket. 

Legth: 2m
Model - T105A
Altai KT105A (KT105A)

Altai KT105A

Coaxial plug to coaxial socket. Legth: 2m
Model - KT105A
Out Of Stock
Mercury H202 TV Extension Lead 2m (H202)

Mercury H202 TV Extension Lead 2m

Mercury H202 TV Extension Lead 2m male to female
Colour: Black
Model - H202
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Silver TR832B Standard Irish Telephone Curly Black Handset Cord (TR832B)

Silver TR832B Irish Telephone  'curly' Handset Cord Standard Length

  • Replace tangled or broken telephone handset cords.
  • No installation or wiring required, takes only minutes.
  • Insert smaller plug into handset of telephone and larger plug into base of telephone.
  • Curly cord is Black in colour.
Model - TR832B
Out Of Stock
AvLink 113.544UK Double RJ11 Splitter (113.544UK)
Product information

A splitter connecting 2 x RJ11 sockets to an RJ11 plug. Ideal for telephone and data connections.
  • Suitable for Irish telephone outlets
  • Suitable for ADSL modem connections
  • Supplied in retail friendly sealed bag



Barcode / EAN5015972153307
Package typeBag Sealed
Package dimensions100 x 150 x 27mm
Package weight0.01kg
Package quantity1 unit
Model - 113.544UK
Silver TR838W Irish Telephone Double Adaptor (TR838W)
Product Information

This Adaptor converts a single Telephone Socket into a Double Socket. It enables you to use two devices from only one Telephone Socket. Telephone and Broadband Modem/Router OR Telephone Answering Machine OR Fax Machine OR three Telephones. No Wiring Required, takes only minutes. Insert Double Adaptor into Telephone Socket and insert plugs from any two devices into front of Double Adaptor. White in colour.
  • Converts single to double socket.
  • Work two phones to one socket.
  • For use on Irish Network.


Double Socket
Double Socket
Model - TR838W
Out Of Stock
Philex 26054HS F Plug to F Plug 1m Cable (26054HS)
Product Information

Standard Flylead F Plug White 3C-2V Cable

  • F plug to F plug
  • Ideal for connecting from wall plate to satellite receiver


  • Width: 95mm
  • Depth: 190mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Colour: White
  • Length: 1m
Model - 26054HS
Out Of Stock
Philex 26000HS TV/FM Coax Flylead Plug to Plug 1m Cable (26000HS)
Product Information

Includes Barrel Connector – For Extending Leads

  • Coaxial coupler – socket to socket
  • 1m aerial lead-coaxial plug to coaxial plug
  • Can be used to connect an aerial outlet to TV/VCR/SAT equipment or as an extension to an existing aerial flylead

  • Width: 95mm
  • Depth: 190mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Length: 1m
Model - 26000HS
Out Of Stock
AV Link 122051 Coaxial Y Splitter (122051)
Product Information

A Y splitter for sending a TV or FM radio source signal to 2 outputs. With 1 coaxial plug and 2 coaxial sockets.


Dimensions: 15.00cm x 10.00cm x 1.60cm
Weight: 0.02kg
Manufacturer Number: 122.051UK
Model - 122051
AV LINK 2M/4M/10M Coax Cable (112028/112004/109418)
  • Coaxial cable
Model - 112028/112004/109418
Silver TR809 Phone Cable 3m (TR809)
  • Model - TR809
  • 3M
Model - TR809
Mercury 429.831UK UK to European Travel Adaptor (429831)
  • Model - 429.831UK
  • Conforms to BS5733
  • Current rating: 7.5A max
  • Colour: White
  • Brand - Mercury
Model - 429831
Out Of Stock
Skytronic 109410 TV/Video Lead 2m (109410)

Skytronic 109410 TV/Video Lead 2m

Coaxial plug to coaxial socket. Black cable.
Model - 109410
Skytronic 109671 TV/Video Cable White 2m (109671)

Skytronic 109671 TV/Video Cable 2m

Right - angle Coaxial plug to right angle coaxial socket, 2m
Model - 109671
Out Of Stock
Altai T105B Coaxial Plug to Coaxial Socket (T105B)

Altai T105B(ETV4) Co-axial Plug to Co-axial Socket 4m.

Altai T105B Co-axial Plug to Co-axial Socket 4 m.
Model - T105B
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