Dirt Devil DD102 Replacement Vacuum Bags (5 Pack)

Model - DD102
Product Information

Loss of suction from your vacuum? Not picking up as much dirt when you vacuum - then it's probably time to change your vacuum bag! 

Did you know that you should be looking to change your vacuum bag every month, and sometimes more if you have pets such as cats or dogs, or just have a lot of carpet to clean!

When your bag is over half full then its time to change it, for your vacuum to maintain its performance and keep those carpets clean!

That's where the Dirt Devil DD102 comes in, keep your vacuum cleaner performing at it's best with these replacement vacuum bags.

  • Type: 102
  • Includes 5x Dust Bags
  • Material Type: Paper
  • Cardboard Collar
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Model: DD102
  • Manufacturer: Dirt Devil