TomTom 9UEA00100 Carry Case and Strap

    Model - 9UEA00100
    Product Information

    Official TomTom carrying cases with strap Case is direct from TomTom. Case is made of hardcover material which is very durable and tough. Case has zips around the edge, is black in color, and has a rubbery hard shell.

    Works with the following TomTom GPS units:

    GO 530
    GO 540
    GO 550
    GO 630
    GO 720
    GO 730
    GO 740 LIVE
    GO 750
    GO 920
    GO 930
    GO 940 LIVE
    GO 950
    VIA 1400T
    VIA 1405T / M or TM
    VIA 1435T / M or TM
    XL 325
    XL 330
    XL 330*S
    XL 335
    XL 335*S
    XL 340
    XL 340*S
    XL 350


    • Model: 9UEA00100
    • Manufacturer:Tom Tom