Pret a Porter

Pret a Porter
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Whirlpool AWR213 Pret-a-Porter (AWR213)
Product Information
  • Model: AWR213
  • Width: 82.5 cm - Depth: 30.5 cm - Height: 145.1 cm
  • Cycle run by 4 diodes
  • water tank: 270 ml
  • vertical storage
  • Manufacturer: Whirlpool
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AWR213
  • Slightly Damaged Box
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    gentle drying cycle 
    On / Off 
    Cycle run by 4 diodes 
    Safety in case drop the product 
    infrared security inside 
    material of the cloth: Dacron 
    waterproof and breathable fabric 
    2 wheels 
    4 feet 
    vertical storage 
    water tank: 270 ml 
    closed cm Dimensions (HxWxD): 25, 4 x 82, 5 x 30, 5 
    Volume bag 200 liters 
    wool / synthetic cycle consumption: 0.6 KWH


    Type of productCooler clothing

    Settings, controls and indicators

    TypeLED screen

    Tumble drier

    Programs and drying optionsCotton, wool, synthetic


    Electric power1275 Watt
    Food230 V / 50 Hz
    current Rating10A

    Dimensions and weight

    Width82.5 cm
    Depth30.5 cm
    Height145.1 cm
    Weight10.5 kg

    Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

    Width (Shipping)90.8 cm
    Depth (Shipping)40.7 cm
    Height (Shipping)33 cm
    Weight (Shipping)12.7 kg
    Model - AWR213
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