Model - DC54 MULTI FLOOR

    Dyson DC54 Multifloor Cinetic Cylinder Vacuum

    54 of Dyson’s smallest and most efficient cyclones generate powerful centrifugal forces to separate more microscopic particles than any other cyclone. The oscillating tips vibrate to prevent the cyclone aperture clogging. A pre-motor filter is not required and the post-motor filter requires no maintenance – so there’s nothing to wash or replace.

    No bags to buy, no filters to wash or replace.
    Because of the efficiency of Dyson Cinetic™ cyclone technology, no pre-motor filter is required and the post-motor filter requires no maintenance. So there’s nothing to wash or replace. And with no bag, there are no extra costs.

    Ball™ technology
    Conventional cylinder vacuums can be awkward – they can be heavy to pull, head the wrong way and collide with obstacles. Dyson Ball™ vacuums are the only cylinder vacuums with a central steering mechanism. The pivot point is located near the centre of the machine, enabling it to make tighter turning circles and follow with greater control.

    Dual mode floor tool
    High dirt removal across every floor type.

    • Patented cyclone technology - Dyson Cinetic™ cyclone technology
    • Suction power: 290 AW
    • Movement type: Ball™ technology
    • Cleaner head: Dual mode floor tool 
    • Stair cleaning: Yes 
    • Bin capacity: 2.00 litres 
    • Dimensions: 507 x 261 x 368 mm (HxLxW)
    • Maximum reach: 10 metres
    • Cord length: 6.5 metres
    • Weight: 7.8 kg

    What's in the box

    • DC54 Multi Floor vacuum
    • Combination tool
    • Stair tool
    • Operation manual
    • Quick start guide
    • Model: DC54MULTIFLOOR
    • Manufacturer:Dyson